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#2 love drawing

This is a delightful drawing I made of the word LOVE utilizing color pad. I began off with a flower frame and attracted the letter inside. Utilized the hues, yellow, blue, and orange to draw. Subsequent to completing the drawing, I utilized a photograph editorial manager to alter the drawing. here is a photo of the completed item.

Rose Drawing

A lovely rose drawing that was first done with a pencil. I outlined the drawing with black pen and colored the rose with a red pen.

Drawing Materials

Materials that I use to draw my art pieces.

Heart Alphabets

These are some beautiful heart alphabets that I had doodled while remembering the days of love. It's always an wonderful feeling to be in love.

Zorklif Letters

Having a language that only you and your best friend can understand is quite something. It shows the special bond you share with each other that remains forever and ever. These drawings are special letters I wrote to my best friend when she moved to another state. I dedicated my time writing these special letters for her so when she missed me she can know she's special to someone.

Winter Alphabets

These are some beautiful and elegant snow alphabets that I had doodled last week when it had snowed. To make the letters appear more captivating I added the simple stylish butterfly. You can never go wrong while doodling things you love.

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