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Season of Friendship Cards

Friends are people whom are important in our daily lives. Some of us have special friends while others have good friends. These are two alike cards that I made for two special friends with whom my friendship will last forever and ever to come.

Princess Crown Card

It's always a joy to make cards for little girls. This card was specially made for my beautiful and elegant princess niece. It's a pink princess crown with heart rhinestones to make the card shine more. Using a pink scrapbook paper I cutout a crown and outlined it with a white scrapbook paper. In the end it was a great gift to present to her for turning one year old.

Cute Z Fold Card

This is another Z fold card that I made for the holidays. This card was easy,quick, and fun to make. The sunflower scrapbook paper made the card more appealing. The inside has space to write a lovely message.

Baby Girl Card

Here’s a joyful new baby girl card that is easy to make. For this card I used a pink scrapbook paper, printed out flower clip-art from the internet, and a baby carriage clip-art from the internet. For the inside of the card I drew two big hearts to write the message.

Floral Z Fold Card

I wanted to make something different so I tried out this Z folded card which I never made before. I was pleased with the outcome of this card due to the fact that I haven’t made one before. This handmade z folded card was specially made for my niece during the holidays as well. The card was designed with a nice floral scrapbooking paper. My niece was very happy upon receiving this card and gave me a big hug which made my day.

Pink Floral Card

Making cards for loved ones has always been one of my favorite activities. Handmade cards are meaningful and always bring an extra big smile on one’s face. I made this pink floral card during the holidays for my little sister. Using the color combination of light pink, hot pink, and tan shows the beauty of the card. Adding the flower in the middle makes the card appear more pleasing. I used scrap paper that was just lying around to make the flower. For the inside just added two printed flower clip art on each side as a final touch to the card. There was enough space to write my long and lovely message to my sister for the holiday.

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