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Yin and Yang Symbol

This is my representation of the yin and yang symbol. I decided to take the symbol and add designs to sort of make it my own.

Abstract Drawing

In this page I will present many of the abstract drawings that I did during my leisure time. No matter what you do in drawing they always seem to come out looking extraordinary.

Floral Notepad # 6

Finally I drew a notepad cover that didn't have the color "green" in it. This one is quite easy and pretty looking. The color maroon and black synchronized together makes the card appear more lovely.

Floral Notepad # 1

I love and I mean LOVe LOVE drawing!!! When I am bored or have nothing to do I sit down and dedicate my time to drawing. Last week it was slow at work so I took advantage of the time and got busy DRAWING!!! I think this notepad came out totally awesome.

Floral Card

I present you my beautiful floral card!!! As you can see most of my cards are decorated with flowers anything decorated with flowers comes out beautiful . For this reason I use "flowers" as the main object for my cards.


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