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Seasonal Crochet Hat

Christmas season has arrived. Here is a delightful cap/hat to run with your infants’ closet to praise the occasion. This is a wonderful hand crocheted child cap/hat themed for Christmas. The type of yarn used for this item is red heart savor, in the color combinations of green, red, and white. If you want this hat in a different size please inbox me with the measurements. I will try my best to accommodate with your request.

Winter Alphabets

These are some beautiful and elegant snow alphabets that I had doodled last week when it had snowed. To make the letters appear more captivating I added the simple stylish butterfly. You can never go wrong while doodling things you love.

Zentangle Feather

Here is a beautiful piece of zentangle feather drawing, done by me. This drawing was sketched with a black ink pen. Zentangle drawing requires tremendous amount of time and effort, it took almost an hour to finish this drawing. I hope everyone will enjoy it

DIY:Money Gift Box

here is a lovely graduation blessing box I made for my younger sibling for her high school graduation. I purchased a medium box from a neighborhood store and utilized money to decorate. I used single collapsed bills around the side of the crate in straight lines. on top of the box I utilized larger bills to make a blossom outline with beads around the inside.

Fried Shrimp

1. in a pan pour the oil and preheat it 2. add the shrimp and stir for 2 minutes 3. add salt/and spices 4. continously stir and cook the shrimp for 5-7 minutes 5. once the shrimp turns brown and crispy serve it with white plain rice. ENJOY


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