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A Family Feast

In my culture when a lady is pregnant, amid her six month pregnancy, a colossal gathering is tossed by family members. The party’s principle subject is to acquire high quality pitas or a dish and dress in specific themed clothing. Amid my pregnancy my loved ones arranged me a comparative gatherings. Everybody was wearing blue shaded saris and brought high quality pita dishes. I was overwhelmed and intrigued by the diverse measure of dishes that was acquired. Each and every dish was splendid in hues and masterfully cut. I was kicking the bucket to taste every single dishes, except needed to hold up till everybody was done with snapping pictures. Because of the enormous measure of dishes brought by the time I was done tasting and swishing down, I was full and puffed. The gathering was the most excellent and awesome thing that I have encountered in quite a while.

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

My niece demanded that I post one of her imaginative rainbow loom arm ornament. Here is two of her handcrafted weaving machine wristband. These are such extraordinary thoughts for children to be possessed by. Children now days are so occupied with hardware, we attempt to keep her occupied with different things, rather than contraptions. It’s better for children to be caught up with doing things like this fairly being on the iPad and telephone.

Secret Code Doodle

I was sitting outside while doodling this drawing. This drawing consists of a message that I wrote to my friend. The message is written in codes that only she and I understand. The interesting factor about this drawing is that I was talking on the phone with my friend while doodling this piece for her. This doodle was done by using Pigma Micron pens.

Beautiful Scrapbook Pages

Here is a beautiful layout for scrapbook pages. These two pages are coordinated for three picture display. The first page is a brick orange scrapbook paper, and second page is a fuchsia scrapbook paper. The pages contain three flowers circulating around the three pictures. The flowers used for these pages are printed from internet, and colored with markers. After coloring the flowers were decorated with glitters.

Gray Headband

This is a gray hand crocheted headband, head wrap, or ear warmer. it is made to be fitted for most female adults or teens with head measurement of (18"-24"). The yarn used for this material is Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Material can be machine washed, tumble dried, and dry cleaned.

Baby Girl Card

Here’s a joyful new baby girl card that is easy to make. For this card I used a pink scrapbook paper, printed out flower clip-art from the internet, and a baby carriage clip-art from the internet. For the inside of the card I drew two big hearts to write the message.


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