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Drawing of Love

"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love." — Leo Tolstoy

DIY Pink Crochet Headband

Hot pink crochet headband, head-wrap. This is a female adult/teen size head band or head wrap designed to fit most heads within the measurements of (18"-23"). Yarn used for this material is Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. It can be machine washed, tumble dried and dry cleaned.

DIY Personalized Anniversary Cups

Who doesn't love a high quality handmade gift? This is an beautiful cup that I made for my spouse for our third anniversary. First I outlined the cup to a floral design that I liked; I made the outline utilizing water paint and sharpie. To start I drew the blossom design that I needed with sharpie, than I highlighted and shaded in the flowers with paint. This glass took some time to make it however towards the end the diligent work was justified, despite all the trouble.

Floral Z Fold Card

I wanted to make something different so I tried out this Z folded card which I never made before. I was pleased with the outcome of this card due to the fact that I haven’t made one before. This handmade z folded card was specially made for my niece during the holidays as well. The card was designed with a nice floral scrapbooking paper. My niece was very happy upon receiving this card and gave me a big hug which made my day.

Batman Drawing

I grew up all around boys along with cousins and siblings. Instead of playing with dolls and tea cups I was into action figures and comic books. As a child we all had a favorite hero whom we fancied a lot. For me it was BATMAN the ultimate superhero whom I admired a lot. No one was as strong, cool, brave, handsome, and honest like the batman. I was doing a project for my art class and had to draw a picture of our hero. So I decided to dedicate my drawing of a hero to “batman.” For this specific art piece I used Faber Castell pens. It was one of the best drawings of all time I feel that I have created.


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