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DIY Jewelry Box

This is a shoe box transformed into a jewelry box. I made this for my two beautiful nieces.


  1. Medium size shoe box (1)
  2. Flower scrapbook paper/black scrapbook paper (2)
  3. Scrapbook flowers
  4. 1 earring
  5. Printed initials
  6. Printed Quotes about sisters (2)
  7. Hot glue/gun
  8. Zigzag scissor


  1. Cut out the flower scrapbook paper according to the length/width of the shoe box.
  2. Glue the paper on to all sides/cover of the box.
  3. Using the zigzag scissor cut 2 piece of the black scrapbook paper according to the length of the box.
  4. Glue the cutout designs to both edges on top of the box.
  5. Glue the 2 quotes on the middle of the box.
  6. Glue the two flowers on both corners of the box.
  7. Glue the initials to the front lower section of the box along with the earring placing it on middle of the box.
IMG_5280 IMG_5283



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