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Add the lettuce and carrot together in a bowl Add lime juice, black pepper, and oil and mix well Serve as side dish with rice

Decoupage Bottle

Clean and dry the old medicine bottle Using the foam brush cover the bottle with mod podge Cover the bottle with flower tissue paper Again go over the tissue paper with mod podge Once the tissue paper is dry place the flower inside the bottle Put it up for display

3 Photo Scrapbook Layout

Here is a sample of three photo scrapbook layout. For these particular pieces I used lined scrapbook papers consisting of colors blue, green, and pink. I highlighted the lines with blue, pink and green glitter to make it stand out.

Butterfly Alphabets

These are some butterfly alphabet designs that I had created. This drawing consists of simple butterflies around each corner of the letters.


This is a doily I made with ELEGANT MOTIFS and two layers blossoms. This piece consists of one large flower in the center and 7 smaller ones around. I utilized yellow cotton thread for this doily, white shading for the rich themes and red simply soft yarn for the flowers. If you want to recreate this piece you could search the instructions on YouTube "Rich Motifs"

4 Photo Scrapbook Layout

Once you get addicted to scrap-booking you're stuck for life. There's so much that you can do with scrap-booking it will only blow your mind away. These are some of my scrapbook page layouts that I have done. Here's a 4 photo layout and you can arrange your photos the way you like.

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