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Chocolate Hershey Kisses Cake

In medium sized bowl pour the cake flour and Mix eggs, oil, and water and beat well for 5 minute add the Hershey kisses Pour the batter into a pan Preheat the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes or until done

Creative Way To Make A Jewelry Box

Trace the tape roll on to the cardboard Cut out the traced circle Cut out 2 piece of black & white pattern vinyl shelf liner Glue the first piece vinyl rack liner beginning at the midpoint of the circle turning the move to make it into a Flower shape.Repeat the step with the second piece of vinyl shelf liner Glue the jewel piece to the middle

Beef/Vegetable Sub

Preheat the wheat sub Spread mayonnaise on the sub Add green pepper, lettuce, onion and the beef Spread ranch Serve!!!!!

Beautiful and Easy Way to Serve Fruits

This is a lovely bit of server I purchased at a nearby SAM'S CLUB. You could serve chips and diverse sorts of plunges. Yet, I utilize it to serve natural products to my visitors and youngsters. It’s less demanding to serve and looks more elegant.

Flower Doodle Alphabets

Here are some flower alphabets that I doodled using the colors black and blue.

Welcome Spring Card

This is a simple and beautiful spring card that was created for a co-worker. I used a combination of different shades of the color yellow for this particular card. Cover of the card has a polka dotted and lined papers glue together with addition of flowers. The middle portion contains a message box. The inside of the card has a big cutout flower shape with message boxes on 4 corners.

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