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Little Girls Room Decor Ideas

Creative way to hang your daughter’s purse.

Buy an over the door coat rack and place the purses as you desire. That’s all to this beautiful way to displaying purses.IMG_5034

These are few pieces of jewelry hangers that I bought for my little girl. She placed them on top of her dresser; her creative mind flaunted them in a very beautiful way.

IMG_5035Wall Frame


  1. 12x 10 frame (1)
  2. Printed names in different fonts, and size
  3. Scrapbook flowers (4)
  4. Colorful magazine page (1)
  5. Hot glue/gun


  1. Cut out a piece of magazine page that has flower background, or a solid color.
  2. Cut printed names in different shapes and designs.
  3. Glue the names in different arrangements.
  4. Glue the scrapbook flowers around the corners, or the spot you prefer.



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