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Baby Card

I wanted to share this card that I received from my BFF during my first pregnancy. It was such a lovely gesture from her that brought joy to my heart. I also received a heart box of chocolate and handmade fruit basket that was exquisite.


IMG_4712I will tell you how to replicate this card if you wish to make for your dear ones.


  1. Piece of cardboard paper
  2. Scrapbook paper
  3. Index card
  4. Ribbon
  5. Bead necklace
  6. Bow
  7. Hot glue/gun
  8. Tissue paper


  1. Cut the cardboard paper into a shape of bodysuit.
  2. Cut the scrap paper to a shape of bodysuit.
  3. Glue the scrap paper bodysuit on top of the cardboard bodysuit.
  4. Place one ribbon into the midsection of the bodysuit and another piece to the lower portion of the suit.
  5. Glue the index card between the two ribbons.
  6. Cut out a piece of index card into a bib shape and glue it around the collar of the bodysuit.
  7. Glue the necklace and the bow around the neck.
  8. Scramble the tissue paper
  9. Glue the tissue paper all around the bodysuit.
  10. Write your lovely message in the card.
IMG_4649 IMG_4650 IMG_4651






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